Sasquatch Brews


Moby Dick Imperial IPA

Strong and complex with high hop bitterness, this double is well balanced and not too sweet. A clean, smooth, hop-forward IIPA with a touch of citrus. In a word, delicious!

ABV 10.2% | IBUs 90

Hairy Knuckles Stout

A classic American Stout just the way the Sasquatch likes it! A load of dark roasted malts is balanced with just enough hops. Smooth, rich notes of coffee and oatmeal will keep you warm through the dark days of winter.

ABV 6.9% | IBUs 44


Red Electric IRA

Back in the old days, our building was a depot for the Red Electric Train. We honor the past with our boldest, most complex offering yet: a red ale with a deep amber color, a rich body, and the hop character of an IPA.

ABV 6.7% | IBUs 70

Grand Cru

An authentic Belgian ale with hints of orange peel, coriander & honey.

ABV 7.3% | IBUs 11


Bertha Brown Ale

A medium-bodied, American-style Brown Ale. Roasted barley and chocolate malt provide a satisfying robust flavor, while a subtle hop presence keeps things interesting.

ABV 5.3% | IBUs 37

Healy Heights Pale Ale

A classic American style Pale Ale that offers just the right blend of Northwest malt and hops. Five base malts provide the body and great grain profile, while flaked barley contributes to a creamy head.

ABV 5.6% | IBUs 46


Woodboy Dry-hopped IPA

Made with Centennial hops from the Willamette Valley and then dry-hopped with 3 pounds of Cascade hops after primary fermentation. The result? An intensely floaral aroma and a luscious, citrusy flavor. This beer is for the true hop lover.

ABV 6.8% | IBUs 74


Celilo CDA

A dark ale hopped with Summit, Chinook and Tomahawk with a malt backbone of Midnight Wheat.

ABV 8.6% | IBUs 82

Oregon Session Ale

A great introduction to craft beer, the OSA is a light, smooth, easy-drinker. Pilsner malt makes the base, flaked maize makes the creamy white head, and a subtle Willamette hop presense reminds you that you're in Oregon.

ABV 4.7% | IBUs 20